Course Overview


Lifestyle Medicine Education and Skills Development Programs

Lifestyle Medicine in Day-to-Day Practice offers a new series of instructional and skills development programs. What makes this education unique is its focus on the “how-to” elements of lifestyle medicine -- how to expand your current approaches to treatment and prevention with pragmatic, effective, evidence-based lifestyle medicine interventions.   

This year, we offer four educational and skills development programs. You can attend the one(s) that align with your interests:

    December 11-12, 2020

    Learn the most efficient and effective ways to guide patients to healthier, more active lifestyles.
  • Culinary Health Education Fundamentals (CHEF) Coaching—The Basics
    December 10, 2020

    This program provides a comprehensive introduction to culinary medicine – how to quickly and easily guide patients to better nutrition through evidence-based approaches to healthier meals. 
  • Culinary Health Education Fundamentals (CHEF) Coaching—Beyond the Basics
    Five 75-minute, weekly, distance-learning sessions starting January 2020 (several time options available)
    This learning program builds upon the basics taught in the December 10th CHEF Coaching—The Basics program with distance-learning instruction and practice sessions. (Separate registration required.)
  • NEW | Clinicians in the Kitchen: An optional pre-course workshop available to participants of Active Lives and/or CHEF Coaching—The Basics.
    December 9, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm OR 5:30pm  - 8:30 pm

These highly interactive learning experiences provide practical education, opportunities to develop state-of-the-art skills, and take-home tools to enable your success in effectively and efficiently helping your patients adopt and sustain lifestyle behaviors that will improve their health and quality of life.

December 11 – 12, 2020 

ACTIVE LIVES focuses on the “how-to” elements of helping patients increase their engagement with and level of physical activity. This includes strategies and skills development for:

  • Motivating patients (even reluctant ones) to increase their level of physical activity
  • Mastering the core competencies of prescribing exercise
  • Integrating exercise prescription into your current approaches to treatment and prevention
  • Screening and counseling patients on exercise options
  • Performing quick and easy in-office assessment of exercise risk, strength, flexibility, balance and aerobic capacity
  • Personalizing exercise (frequency, intensity, time, type) by a patient's age and health conditions
  • Counseling and health coaching
  • Demonstrating exercises: pediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients
  • Supporting self-determination while promoting physical activity in older adults
  • Applying the 2020 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
  • Writing exercise prescriptions for patients with disabilities
  • Tracking the results of a patient’s physical activity
  • Assessing, jumpstarting or advancing your own personal exercise regimen

Participants of this program describe a renewed passion for practicing medicine and increased levels of personal daily physical activity leading to reduced stress, as they themselves learn to pay attention to their own health and to serve as role models for their patients of all ages.

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Culinary Health Education Fundamentals (CHEF) Coaching

There is a strong correlation between home-cooked meals and healthier eating habits and lifestyles. In this new culinary medicine program, clinicians get education, skills development, and resources to improve nutrition through home cooking.

CHEF Coaching training includes two modules: CHEF Coaching—The Basics and CHEF Coaching—Beyond the Basics. Graduates of both receive a Certificate of Completion in Culinary Coaching form the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

Culinary Health Education Fundamentals (CHEF) Coaching—The Basics
Thursday, December 10, 8:00 am - 5:05 pm

This one-day intensive program introduces participants to the skills, concepts, and resources to:

  • Quickly and effectively educate patients on the health benefits of home-cooked meals
  • Provide guidance to patients for shopping, food storage, and meal preparation
  • Learn from master chefs who provide step-by-step guidance to develop your own culinary skills
  • Translate culinary medicine knowledge and skills into coaching practices to improve the health and nutrition of your patients

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Culinary Health Education Fundamentals (CHEF) Coaching—Beyond the Basics
Five 75-minute, weekly, distance-learning sessions starting July 2020 (several time options available)

Participants of the one-day Culinary Health Education Fundamentals (CHEF) Coaching—The Basics program are eligible to participate in this additional, post-course, distance-learning program. CHEF Coaching—Beyond the Basics comprises five weekly educational and skills development sessions.

  • Hone the efficacy of your culinary coaching with patients and their families
  • Practice getting feedback and refine your culinary coaching techniques
  • Log in from your kitchen and cook online with a chef
  • Implement telemedicine, culinary training, and health coaching into your practice

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Upon completion of the one-day CHEF Coaching—The Basics program and the CHEF Coaching—Beyond the Basics distance-learning program, graduates receive a Certificate of Completion in Culinary Coaching form the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

Pre-Course Workshop: Clinicians in the Kitchen
Wednesday, December 9, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Wednesday, December 9, 5:30 pm  - 8:30 pm

Join us for an innovative and hands-on experience at Create a Cook in Newton, MA. (Transportation and lunch or dinner will be provided.) This unique opportunity is limited to 30 participants per session. 

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