Course Overview



This course will be held again on
December 7-8, 2018.

Information contained in this site is for the 2016 program.
Information for the 2018 program coming soon.

How to help patients (and ourselves) initiate and sustain more active, healthier lifestyles

Guidance. Tools. Best Practices. Skills Development.

The daily work of healthcare professionals increasingly involves caring for patients with diseases resulting from sedentary lifestyles and inadequate exercise. This special program provides education to help you guide your patients to more active, healthier lifestyles.  

Program highlights include: 

  • In-office exercise assessment
  • Screening and counseling patients on exercise development
  • Applying the new screening criteria
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Counseling and health coaching
  • Demonstrating exercises to patients
  • Self-assessment
  • Prescribing exercise:
    • Frequency, intensity, time, type
    • Personalization by age, conditions, and fitness levels
    • Physician compensation, liability, and obligation

Participant Experience

Interactive workshops show you how to assess your own fitness level and that of your patients, and provide expert guidance to start or advance your own personal exercise regimen while inspiring you to more active patient care. 

Participants of this program describe a renewed passion for practicing medicine and increased levels of personal daily physical activity leading to reduced stress, as they themselves learn to pay attention to their own health and to serve as role models for their patients of all ages.

NEW in 2016

Customize your learning experience with your choice of Advanced-Practice and Hands-On Evening Workshops to advance and deepen your practice of Lifestyle Medicine skills and active living principles. Choose from among the following options:

  • Resistance Training: The Science and Application
  • Culinary Medicine 101: Real-Life Cooking Strategies for Busy Families
  • Primal Play: Getting Children (and Adults) More Active through Play, Not Exercise 
  • The Hidden Barrier to Self-Care and How to Overcome It
  • The New Fundamentals of Health Coaching

One-Day Pre-Course for Clinicians who Care for Children and Adolescents

One day prior to the start of Active Lives, on December 8, 2016, we host a 1-day program: Lifestyle Medicine for Children and Adolescents, which focuses on the special challenges faced by clinicians who care for young people, providing them with the tools, research, and best practices to help their patients adopt and sustain more active, healthy lifestyles. Coverage includes:

  • How to apply core lifestyle medicine principles to younger patients
  • The physiology of exercise in children and adolescents -- what the new evidence tells us
  • Essentials of prescribing exercise to young people
  • Innovative ways to get kids active
  • Achieving optimal weight in children and teens
  • The latest findings on pediatric diabetes

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Discounts apply when registering for both programs.